be rewarded!
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smash your goals and be rewarded!

At Lorraine Lea we know that every person can achieve amazing things. We want to inspire you to live a bigger, bolder life. A life that has a positive impact on you and your family. So let's break down the steps and goals you'll need to crush to begin your leadership journey - and all of the rewards you can gain on the way.

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goal one: Senior Stylist

Becoming a Senior Stylist is the first goal on the pach to becoming a leader.

When you share the business opportunity with others, you create the potential to earn extra income for you and them.

goal 2: Executive Stylist

Executive Stylist is the second goal on the path to becoming a Leader.

Your Lorraine Lea side hustle can turn into so much more. If you like to lead and empower others to reach their potential, turn your passion into profit

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goal three: Team Leader

Hooray! You're on your way to becoming a Team Leader.

Maintain consistant sales and gorw a sales team. By bringing others on board as Independent Stylists, you create the potential to earn extra income for both you and your team.

goal 4: Senior Team Leader

After Team Leader the potential and income are limitless.

The further you progress, the greater the rewards. Step up to a new Title Status level in our plan and receive a one-time Promote Bonus*.

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goal five: Lifestyle Bonus

You define the goals, we provide the perks!

With a modern, on-the-go business you can work from anywhere, anytime and with anyone. With no restrictions on how far and fast you can smash your goals and dreams. Earn a CASH bonus paid monthly into your account!

what's coming up?

our Leadership Retreat is our annual seminar for Lorraine Lea Leaders!

And this year, we're taking it to the beautiful Hamilton Island! Not yet a Leader? That’s okay. We want you to join in the fun as well! Start earning points with your personal sales and recruits from Saturday, 1 October 2022 and promote to Team Leader OR Executive Stylist before Wednesday, 1 February 2023, and we’ll do the rest. Yes, you can come as an Executive Stylist!

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Lorraine Lea's Exclusive Annual Conference!

Our annual conference is one of the most anticipated events on the Lorraine Lea calendar. And after three-long years since our last in-person event, for the first time in Lorraine Lea history, we are off to the perfect one-day-beautiful-the-next Gold Coast, Sea World Resort, and conference centre. Join us for a full program of special connection, learning and fun (a lot of fun).

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earn yourself VIP access to a Red Carpet Event!

Be one of the top 30 Stylists nationally to attend our VIP Red Carpet Event at our Connexion Conference in 2023. Be recognised & rewarded with a mimosa morning tea, treats & prizes including VIP access and private tour of the exciting launch of our new Autumn collection.

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enjoy a lifestyle that’s fun, flexible and rewarding

so what are you waiting for?

What really makes Lorraine Lea stand out from others, is the value we place on our Leaders. We’re dedicated to supporting our Leaders, and providing them with the tools, personal and professional development programs.

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