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beach home bedroom

beach home bedroom

beach home bedroom

blush and petal bloom bedroom

Bring eternal spring into your bedroom with watercolour and hand-drawn florals that combine both autumnal shades with warm blush tones. Blooms give your room soft and feminine touch when styled with décor pieces in coordinating colours and natural timber accents.

Bohemiam Test bedroom

It doesn’t take much effort to achieve a bohemian vibe in your bedroom. You just need to bring in some boho-inspired bedding and décor – and it all starts with neutral bedding and quilts adorned with a series of decorative, crocheted fringes and tassels. Then layer cushions and throws on a chair or bench seat at the end of the bed; when you go boho you can never have too many throws or cushions.

casual blush bedroom

Blush is a great colour to feature on bedroom walls or quilt covers. It adds a sense of warmth and works well with other pastels, warm copper accents or can be combined with white or grey to create a soft and elegant feel. By combining plain and textured décor and accessories you can offer varied and different styling options.

casual scandi bedroom

Scandinavian style is simple, practical, stylish and oh so cosy. The best way to style a casual, scandi bedroom is using muted earthy tones, shaded of grey, pastels, beige and white.

Furnishings and décor are kept to a minimum and everything has a purpose for being in its spot, like a timber or rattan chair to relax in and a statement rug bring comfort to bare feet on timber floors. Decorate using pieces which are natural, warm, beautiful and functional. The key is to think “less is more” when it comes to scandi design.

contemporary teal statement

The rich jewel tone of Teal is perfect for giving a bedroom a luxurious feel. A bold statement colour, Teal contrasts perfectly when paired with neutral shades of grey and white, or with other palettes, from metallic tones such as gold or copper, to complementary blue hues.

lush boho bedroom

The best way to start a blissful, boho bedroom is neutral bedding and quilts made from textured materials like chenille. Create lush layers with fringed cushions and throws, tassel wall hangings and rugs to bring your room to life. Adding statement pieces such as a chair or panel screen will give your space character and depth.

Boho is all about displaying your best-loved treasures, add a few touches such as a candle, a vase and perhaps some books stacked to make it really feel like home.

luxe modern bedroom

A luxe modern bedroom is all about comfort; bring sophisticated style and luxury into your bedroom by layering your bed with timeless quality products made from exceptional materials.

When it comes to styling your bed mix and match the colours, it’ll make your bed feel layered and bring a little visual variance to your bedroom.

miami bedroom

Bold bursts of colour and patterns provides visual interest and create a fun and casual vibe in the bedroom. To keep the look cohesive, pull one colour from your quilt cover set and replicate it elsewhere in the room, like through wall art or bedside accessories.

pretty tranquil bedroom

To create this charming look features plenty of mixed patterns – particularly prints featuring birds, butterflies and flowers, pastels, delicate trims, lots of throw cushions and pillows, and a bed made extra-comfy with plush quilts or blankets.

Pair with classic and timeless pieces for a more elegant look, or if shabby chic is more your style decorate with distressed furniture and lots of vintage or repurposed items.

serene coastal bedroom

Capture the love of a coastal, beach-side feel with a fresh, airy palette of white washed tones, ocean-inspired blues. To create a create a serene and oh so chic bedroom accessorise with natural textures such as woven rugs, seagrass baskets and rustic timber tables to.

ansh ash kavya inspiration

ansh ash kavya inspiration

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